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Call to the Public


I truly representing the association, invite everyone who emphasize on health and want to develop health business people to become our members, attend our activities, such as this election event to establish our INTERNATIONAL REFLXPOINT NATURE HEALTH ASSOCIATION ( CANADA ) , in short form IRNHA

Our association will lead our members toward a healthy life and assist the development of professional careers in the alternative health industry. At the same time, we need everyone’s effort and work together with the same purpose to finish our part 5 and part 6 of the plan. We hope to unify all worldwide members and proceed to part 7 of the plan, in order to establish a “Green” healthy world. Our future world defender: this great project is not work by one person, or one company or one organization or one country can be achieved. It requires everyone strive for it, with all members’ intelligence, we sincerity invest our effort to finish this project.

I personally represent our association to call for this: we invite everyone attend our activities, help us to achieve the founding objectives and purpose, unify to enter twenty-one century, our effort won’t be waste. Our next generation will have a healthy life and enjoy our effort of today. We will establish a “Green” healthy world.

In the new year, wish all have a wealthy and healthy life. Dr. Paul Jang

President of IRNHA
12 . Jan . 2008