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Gastroptosis etiology

      A healthy stomach, either sitting or standing, shape of the stomach changed very little.  However, if someone have the gastroptosis problem the stomach when standing, the lower edge of the stomach would reaches the pelvic.

    Gastroptosis etiology is still unclear. The stomach was normally hold and surround with ligaments. When these ligaments are lax changes, intra-abdominal pressure and abdominal muscle relaxation and other factors fall, it will form Gastroptosis. As well as women who has done abdominal surgery has high chance of suffer Gastroptosis.

    Chinese medicine also believe that the main reason for this disease is due to the long-term eating disorders,  excessive load of the stomach,  excessive or injured workers, causing subsidence in the air, (increase pressure). Early stage of  gastroptosis have no asymptomatic, and do not need treatment.  Only have obviously symptoms in later stage, such as, easy fullness, anorexia, top center belching, may have constipation, diarrhea or abdominal pain.

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                    What is rib neuralgia? 

The so-called rib nerves is nerves along the chest, ribs, from the back through the flanks, until the chest .

what is the rib neuralgia Ribs neuralgia is the pain along rib nerves through the chest, abdomen. Especially, when turning the body, laugh out loud, deep breathing, yawning, feel the chest to the flanks or from the back to flanks get a strong pain.

The main causes of the rib neuralgia  is vertebra illness or pleural adhesion. There are other factors, such as excessive force, bruises, sprains, bruised, Irregular sleep, etc., can also cause rib neuralgia.

So far Western medicine (in the future unknowns) do not have effects treatment for rib neuralgia. Western medicine can only increase the nutrition and strengthen the abdominal muscles, back muscles, chest exercise, and physical therapy efforts to alleviate pain conditions. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) places regulation of  “qi” and blood,  strengthen the spleen and stomach of the body. The effectiveness is low,  and cannot curve this disease completely either.





註:西醫至目前為止 ( 將來未知數 ) 還未有特效方法治療,只有增加營養與加強腹肌、背肌、胸肌鍛煉及物理治療方面下功夫,以減輕疼痛狀況。中醫則以行氣活血,健脾養胃等中藥治療,效果緩慢,並且也不是百份百可以治療。

Where does reflexology treatment come from?


Reflexology originated in India, and was introduced  to China later. Formally introduced into China, around five hundred to six hundred years BC.

However, back that time, most of  Chinese doctors more good at using  the channels, collaterals,  acupuncture, herbal therapy and so on.  The Reflexology treatment is not popular in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Recently, because of Priest Wu, the foot massage became more and more popular. Priest  Wu is German. In early 1968,  he went to Taiwan, for missionary works. He had He  had been gone to see a lot of doctors, and had received several treatments.  However, none of  treatments  worked  for his osteoarthritis of the knee disease.   Once, his friends ask  him to try out  the foot reflexology  treatments.  It did work out for his osteoarthritis of the knee. Later on, he published a book Pathology Massage  in Taiwan.  He wrote his personal experience of getting foot reflexology  treatments in the book.  From then on, more and more people get to know about  foot reflexology treatments.  

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然而,因我們通常都用經絡、穴位、草藥等的治療法,因此不太注重反射帶療法。 最近因為吳神父的關係,腳底按摩才流行起來。