Professional Programs

College of Oriental Naturopathy and Acupuncture

 In collaboration with IRNHA  

Program  & Courses 

Registered Etheric Health Practitioner

Registered Myomassology Practitoiner

Registered Aromatherapy Health Practitioner

Registered Nutritional Counselor

Practice Doctor of Natural Medicine

Registered Naturopathy Doctor

Certified Aromatherapy Health Therapist

Certified Skin Care Therapist

Certified Facial lift Therapist

Certified Acupuncture

Certified Reflexology Health Practitioner

Registered Shiatsu Health Practitioner

Certified International  Reflexology Health Practitioner

Certified Natural Health Practitioner

Registered Natural Health Practitioner

Registered Polarity Health Practitioner (International)

Certified Homeopathic Health Practitioner

Registered Osteopathy Practitioner

 Registered Homeopathic Health Practitioner

Certified Thai Bodywork Therapist


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 College of Oriental Naturopathy and Acupuncture