Patients’ Testimonials

Dr. Jang & Phuong Put My Life Back to Track

My story:

Up until about 8 years ago I was able to get lots of exercise and I was in fairly good shape. However, my family started experiencing many problems. If there was a chance of anything going wrong, it did, in practically all aspects of our lives. I gave up all my time and dedicated myself to supporting everyone around me. It has taken all my physical and emotional strength to support my family its kind of like running a marathon without being able to rest this will surely sound familiar to many who struggle through life.  The penalty for putting my family ahead of myself was complete physical burn-out and deterioration of health.

I went to my MD for an annual Physical Checkup. All results came back normal. My Doctor said I am in good health. Despite the good prognosis, I felt very sick and weak for so long, that I was read to jump into a casket and close the lid. Unfortunately, since mu condiction dose not fit the criteria in the current traditional medial system, it was not possible for the doctor to diagnose my condition.

Last hope for help: A close Chinese friend recommended Dr. Jang &Phuong. I had no idea what to expect, for me this was the last hope since I did not know where to turn.

Dr.Jang’s diagnosis: Dr.Jang said I had bad blood circulation and asked me to give him a couple weeks  to get some of my energy back. I thoughthat was good sales pitch and I figured “if anything”it will take at least 3 months if Dr.Jang can acturally do anything at all. Since nothing worked previously, I was willing to give their treatment a try.

First two treatments:  Before I left the office, after the first treatment, I already felt the blood flowing in my body and head. This was a totally new experience for me. Over the next few days I felt quite sick, I had headaches and fever, although my appetites became better. Looking back, I am sure the treatment stimulated my vital organs which released accumulated toxins. My body then went through a process of ridding it self of those toxins.

Third treatment: No more headaches or fever. On the way home my appetite was so stimulated I almost stared gnawing on the steering wheel of my car. I had no choice but to exit the Highway and go to a restaurant. My thinking became clearer, the thermo bottle is now collecting dust. I am down to one blanket and one comforter at night and I have fewer layers of clothing during the day.

End of the second week: Without realizing, I easily skipped up a flight of stairs taking every second step. Upon reaching the top. I froze like a Roman statue and stared back at the steps. I realized this was the first time I ran up the stairs in almost two years !

Thanks Dr.JANG &PhuongAbout six weeks after the first treatment, I ordered 20 yards of top soil and sod, to landscaoe our front and back yard. Simply put, we moved about 35000 lbs of material , Not bad for a guy who had problems walking up stairs just a few weeks earlier! I have been seeing Dr.Jang & Phoung for some time now and they have helped me with a wide variety of ailments.

Best regards,

Svata Turecek,

Bramption, Ontario   



Impaired Central Nervous System

 My name is Nhat Nguyen, from Boston Masschussetts, USA. One year ago I was diagnosed of impaired central nervous system. My right foot was very painful and kept shaking as if I had received a permanent electric shock into my body. I could not stand, walk or lie down, and can not wear shoes because of the constant shock and pain.  I was seen by several Western and Oriental medical specialists who gave up in treating me. All the doctors shook their head and told me that there was no cure for my strange illness. I was desperate because all Western and Oriental doctors have given up on me. However, I always believe that if I have the change  to meet the right doctor I’ll be cured.

I went to Toronto to seek for the right Oriental doctor after having tried many Torontonian Traditional Chinese Doctors without, I met Dr. Jang and Phuong Thrinh via their ad which says “Stop Suffering! Don’t Give Up! If you have treated everywhere else without success for any health conditions, call us”. After only ten treatments sessions with Dr Paul Jang and Phuong Trinh, my foot no longer shook and the pain was gone forever. I can now wear shoes and walk around. I can sit down without any pain. I can eat better and sleep better.

I sincerely thank Dr .Jang and Phuong who have put all their heart into treating my conditions. I now continue to have maintenance massage sessions with Dr.Jang and Phunong each time I come back to Toronto. I come Toronto a few times a year.

Nhat Nguyen,

Boston, Massachusetts- (Decoember 17, 2006)




Crohn’s Disease

 I am a 45-year-old computer professional. Having active cronh’s disease for 25 years, I have always been in search of a way to control my symptoms. My symptoms include chronic intestinal pain and internal bleeding. Over the years, I have been to seven GI specialists across Canada and the US. One of which is renowned as being the best in Canada. I tried every drug and test that was prescribed to me with little successes. In most cases, I found that not only did the drugs not help me out the side effects would make me sicker then I was before.

I could go on and on with stories about the extreme side effects and archaic invasive tests I have been through which have only make me sicker and sicker. Needles to say I have given up on western medicine to treat this condition.

In despretation I have sought out natural heeling alternative to western medicine. I make a coll the Natrual Health Clinic. I instantly had a great rapport and trust with Phuong and Dr. Paul Jang. I enrolled in their weekly massage and reflexology Therapies as well as taking the natural supplement they recommended. Aftereach visit I left their office in a state of relaxation and bliss. These therapies will access triggering pints which relax the central nervous system and opens up blocked channels, allowing your natural heeling process to take place. I have tried other natural heeling clinics but have never achieved the same state of release that get from a visit from Dr.Jang .

I’m not yet cured of Crohn’s but my symptoms are now much more manageable. I’m confident that my condition will continue to improve as I actively engage in these therapies and ingesting natural supplements. I would highly recommend the Dr.JANG Natural Health Clinic as a remarkable alternative to western medicine.

Robert Hogarth,

Tortona, Ontario (March 23, 2007)