Vision and Mission

Mission and Vision


To promote research and organize activities to introduce ReflexPoint as a natural health enhancement which cleanses the body to reduce side  effects of modern medicine without the adoption of  Acupressure or usage of medicine.


Investigate on prevent medicine rather than medication

“Prevent medicine is the medeication of all illness.” Our Association has professional naturopath doctors across the worldwide. Our goal is to help people having a healthy life style, and assisting those individauls who are passionate about naturopathy and want to have a career in nature health care.

With our professions in nature health care. We offer Osteopathy,Reflexology, Naturopathy, Physiotherapy, Iridology, Nutritional Advice, Music Therapy, Psychotherapy and Orthticsto help individuals living in a healthy life.


Founding Objectives

1. Develop local people who want to have a career in the alternative health industry and to become professional.

2. Facilitate members in North America to advance toward a healthy life.

3. Lead and unify all members throughout the world to establish a “Green” healthy world. (‘Green’ means natural and environmental friendly)

About International Reflex Point Natural Health Association